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2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport announced with 48-volt mild-hybrid system

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport announced with 48-volt mild-hybrid system

The cheapest Land Rover is getting a big update, though it’s not entirely apparent at first glance. This 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport was revealed as a new SUV riding on LR’s new Premium Transverse Architecture. Since it’s on the new platform shared with the Range Rover Evoque, it also takes advantage of some of the Evoque’s powertrain choices.

That means Land Rover’s 48-volt mild-hybrid powertrain can be inserted here. In the Discovery Sport, the electrics are paired with a 2.0-liter turbocharged Ingenium four-cylinder engine. If you opt for the hybrid, you’re left with a total system output of 296 horsepower versus the non-electrified engine’s 246 horsepower. The 48-volt system works just like it does in the Range Rover Evoque, and you can read our impressions of that car here. Other advantages of the PTA platform include added rigidity (body is 13% stiffer) and a reduction in noise and vibrations that make it into the cabin.

Like we previously mentioned, not much has changed on the exterior for the Discovery Sport. A sharp eye will notice the fascias, headlights and taillights are different, but this car largely looks the same from the outside.

You’ll also want to check out the Discovery Sport’s much improved interior, though. It was heavily lagging behind the rest of the lineup before this update, but this new platform has allowed Land Rover to bring it up to 2019 standards. It’s clear to see the inspiration came from the bigger Discovery with this one, but it also adds a few touches of its own. Like the Evoque, Land Rover ditched the rotary shift knob in favor of the joystick-like device seen here. The big touchscreen and dash design look extremely similar to its bigger cousin upon comparison.

Also along for the ride is a smattering of tech upgrades for the Disco Sport. Land Rover integrated the rear view mirror display screen from the Evoque here. Also available is the “Ground View” feature to help you see directly below the vehicle for off-roading. More USB ports (six in total) should ensure everybody can stay plugged in, but wireless charging is also offered for the first time in a Land Rover. Optional massaging seats are a new add-on for the model, and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are onboard the infotainment system.

As for capability, this Rover has all-wheel drive with the manufacturer’s terrain response system that automatically adapts to the surface you’re driving on. It’s able to wade through water up to 23.6 inches deep, and towing is rated at 4,409 pounds. An Advanced Tow Assist option is said to make backing up with a trailer easier than before, too. What you may gawk at are this model’s new wheel options. You can go as high as 21-inch(!) wheels for this small crossover, which just doesn’t make much sense for off-roading. The smallest you can go are 18-inch wheels now.

Driver assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist and a driver-monitor system are optional on the new Discovery Sport. Pricing isn’t available for the “cheap” Discovery Sport yet, but it’s going to be hitting dealers sometime this summer.


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