4 Ways To Let Your Personality Shine Through In Your Car


Many people spend so much time in their cars that they actually end up being in there even more than their homes! Especially if you have a long commute to and from work each day, it is easy to feel like your car is like a second home to you. 

Yet you spend so much time renovating and decorating your homes, but never stop to consider that it might have positive effects on your mental health to decorate your car too! Whether you are showing off for others who might need a ride or just redesigning your car for yourself, here are 4 ways to let your personality shine through in your car.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers or vinyl stickers on your back or side windows or your windshield are a great way to let others know what type of person you are. They can be fun and colorful or simple and understated, and there is a sticker out there for everyone! Just be careful when putting certain stickers on your car depending on the political climate where you live, because sometimes people can be mean if you have controversial art on your car. 


The dashboard is a great place to add a little of your own flair to your vehicle. You can add any design you like. You could even add a design like the tiles you have at home, or attach stuffed animals, dolls, or figurines to it. You could even make a collage on it!  You can do just about anything else your imagination can come up with.  For the most part you don’t actually need your dash space for much so you can pretty much do whatever you want with it, decoration wise. Just remember to keep the vents clear so that your car doesn’t overheat when it gets too hot and you can utilize the fans or air conditioning when needed.

Tires And Wheels

Tires are another great way to show off your own personality through your vehicle. If you want to stand out you may opt for large tires and shiny or sparkly hub caps. This is one way that you can make your car or truck look the way you want it to aesthetically without scarifying anything in the way of functionality. 

Vanity Plates

Vanity license plates have been around a long time but have been becoming increasingly popular in the age of social media. People want very specific words on their license plates so that they can photograph them and show them off. If there is a certain word, slogan, nickname, or sequence numbers that is extremely important to you personally or to your business and you have considered getting vanity plates for it in the past, you should do it as quickly as possible as names and slogans on plates get snatched up pretty quickly and in each state there won’t be more than one of the same plate.

So the next time you’re designing the interior of your home consider that your car might need a little extra love too. The best news is, it’s a much smaller space to work with and will cause much less worry, frustration, and money!

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