5 Reasons Why Car Photography Matters

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Car posters—you probably had one on the wall over your bed before you could drive. And at the heart of each photo lies great photography: a Porsche 911 frozen midair, a Lamborghini Countach basking in golden light, or two Ferrari Testarossas in perfect reflection. Car photography, when done right can inspire an entire generation of enthusiasts.

Just like cars, the photography world has rapidly shifted from analog to digital, and it seems like these machines are doing all the work for us. Even so, here are five reasons why car photography matters.

There’s Room for Everyone (Even Non-Professionals)

Whether you post to Instagram for fun or direct car campaigns for a living, there is space for everyone. You don’t have to be a professional to shoot cars, and there are plenty of categories to consider, from editorial and commercial to motorsports and even spy photography. Get creative! Shoot the cars you want to be surrounded by.

Use the Tools You’ve Got

Anyone can photograph cars. A new iPhone is closer in quality to a basic DSLR than a DSLR from 2008 is. Sensor technology, pixel count, and megapixel size now means you can get high-quality shot from the palm of your hands.  Just point it at a car.

It Keeps the Passion (for Cars) Alive

Where there are cars, there are cameras. Go to any supercar event or a Cars and Coffee meet and you’ll find a crowd of eager photographers trying to get just the right angle for a photo. A genuine passion for cars will drive a generation of enthusiasts to preserve them. As long as there are cameras pointed at cars, the interest will follow.

Brings Cars Into Focus

Each car is different, distinguished by the contours of its sheetmetal, or sometimes simply by the color of interior stitching. When photographing your subject, you pause to digest every detail and element, a rarity in this age of instant gratification. You start to appreciate the car as a whole, working your way down to its personality. Eventually these photos might find their way into Instagram, but during the moment, you’re observant and aware what is directly in front of you.

It Will Make You Happy

Whether a car-spotter captures the exact moment an Aventador spat flames, or a Porsche enthusiast encounters a 959 peeking out from under a car cover, photography can be fulfilling. Whether intentional or unexpected, there is a simple satisfaction of creating an image.

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