5 Ways To Apply Fabric Waterproofing Spray For Your Car Seats?


Spraying your car seats with a fabric waterproof spray can give you the comfort you need when it rains, or your coffer accidentally spills. But, proper application of this waterproof spray is essential, not just to cover every part of the seat, but also for comfort as creases could be permanent and make sitting uncomfortable. There are several steps involved in getting car seats sprayed, but first, let’s look at the equipment you need.

You’ll need a waterproof spray, a spray gun, some cloth, and a brush to clean the surface. The following steps should be followed:

Clean the fabric:

Depending on how new and clean you keep the car, surely some dirt might be present in the seat fabrics. Take a cloth or soft brush and gently remove dirt and stains from the seat.

Apply the fabric waterproofing spray:

Stand at a distance of 6 cm from the seat and apply the spray in medium bursts. Make sure every square inch is covered by spraying over and over.

Smooth creases:

As you spray, look out for any part where creases may form. Smoothen any you find immediately. Creases can harden and become very uncomfortable when passengers sit.

Allow to dry:

Drying takes about 24 hours, and during this time, you should not close all the car doors. Leave one door (preferable at the back) open to allow air.

Re-spray when due.

You should know that waterproof fabric spray has a lifespan of about 6 – 8 months with normal use. This is why it is necessary to re-spray the fabric when it is due for replacement.

Also, know that there is a difference between waterproof and water-repellent sprays. Your waterproof spray can keep water from entering the seat, but the fabric itself can still get wet on the outside. The degree to which fabric waterproofing spray can keep water out depends on the constituent chemicals. The best sprays are made from high content (over 82%) SiO2 and are able to keep cracks and holes filled for a longer time than others of lower SiO2 content.

It is also best to purchase a waterproof spray that can also work for breathable fabric. The advantage of this is that you would not ruin the breathable fabric if applied.

Using a waterproof spray also means you could save the money you would have spent on replacing stained, corroded, or damaged car seats.

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