7 benefits of using two-wheeler taxi over four-wheeler


Shared Mobility has always been a primary choice among the Indian people. Carpooling, Shared Auto, Shared taxi, the list goes long when it comes to the options of shared mobility in India.

The increased demand in such means of transportation has paved the way to the advent of several startups that exclusively works on offering the right type of shared mobility services like online taxi services. Though the ease of use and quick accessibility to transportation has made online taxis, a huge success, worries that still remained unsolved are the congestion, pollution and traffic jams. Two-wheeler taxies can fill this gap of congestion on roads, delays and other inconveniences during the daily commute to a certain extent.

Read on to know seven benefits of two-wheeler taxis over the foul-wheeler services:

  • Solves the last mile connectivity problem- Though your place may have metros and buses, you may still need a taxi or an auto to reach your home which is only a few kilometers away from the public transport stops. Autos and taxis can be time-consuming and inconvenient for a short ride. In such situations, bike taxis can be a solution for last-mile connectivity problem as it is convenient and ideal for a short-distance trip.

  • Reduces the congestion on Roads- Four-wheelers often create congestion and thus, traffic jams on narrow roads. Because of this, an average daily commuter spends more time behind the wheels. Bike taxis, owing to its leaner structure, can wade easily through the crowded streets and narrow roads, compared to the four-wheeler vehicles.

  • Faster mode of transport- A smooth commute to work and other places is a dream for the people living in the urban cities of India. If you travel in four-wheelers and bus, the commute time doubles in most of the cases. As bikes smoothly cross through the streets and traffic, bike taxis help you cut down the commute time, and drops you at your destination on time.

  • Standardized rates – Travelling in a cab is still, a luxury to many. Not everyone can afford the higher fares of cabs and rickshaws. Bike taxis are an affordable way of transport and cut down the fares by 40-60%.

  • Creates Job opportunities – Bike taxis could create excellent livelihood opportunities for many. As an easily accessible mode of transport, daily commuters will depend more on the two-wheeler taxis, and this could generate employment for the country’s unemployed youth, who knows driving.

  • Viable option for the daily commute – Taxis, buses, and rickshaws are suitable for daily commute when you have time and money. Two-wheeler taxis make for a viable option for daily commute as it is convenient in many ways.

  • Hassle Free Booking – If you opt for a bike taxi, you need not have to wait for a bus, bargain with rickshaw drivers or pay higher fares for a short distance ride in the cab. You can book a two-wheeler taxi online and reach your place on time, peacefully!

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