A complete guide to help you decide the perfect saddlebag for your motorcycle


During the pandemic the only trips that are being considered to be safe are those that take you outdoors and that don’t include interacting or travelling with a lot of people. Keeping that in mind if you’re someone who enjoys riding your motorcycle and going out for long or short ride trips then this is the ideal time for you to pack up your things and head out the door.

Sometimes however it is not as simple as that, when riding a motorcycle there some things you need to consider; what is the weather forecast, is it safe to ride a motorcycle through the city, what things to carry with you and most importantly how to carry these things with you. Well there are some things that we can sort out with you in this article, for example how to carry your luggage if you travel on a motorcycle, and the simple answer is that you attach a very chic motorcycle saddlebag.

There are many advantages of carrying a saddlebag with you for all your belongings especially when you own a motorcycle:


It can be a hell of a task to carry your luggage with you when you have a motorcycle because of the obvious reason that there isn’t a lot of space where you can securely put your things. Saddlebags can solve this problem for you because there are different kinds of saddlebags that are designed to serve your various needs. You can choose and decide what kind you want to carry with you depending on what your needs from a particular trip are.


It’s always a matter of concern for motorcycle owners of how they can ensure that their belongings will be secure when they are travelling on a motorcycle. There are many scenarios that motorcycle owners can assume when regarding their belongings when it comes to carrying their luggage on a motorcycle. However motorcycle saddlebags are designed to ensure safety and security to the riders. You can carefully place all your items in your saddlebags and not worry about them getting lost, stolen or damaged because they will remain safe in your saddlebag.


Because of the different kinds of varieties that are now available to chose from, you can easily find saddlebags that are small for just your necessary items or even big enough that can help you carry tents, clothes and food items for a camping trip. Travelling has become so easy now!

There are primarily two different kinds of traditional motorcycle saddlebags that you can chose from:

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Hard Saddlebags

If you’re an adventure driven motorcyclist and love travelling to long distances then you should definitely invest in a hard motorcycle saddlebag. These bags are much more expensive than any kind of motorcycle saddlebag but that’s because they are much more durable and can serve for many purposes. They are water resistant, they are quite sturdy so you don’t need to worry about them breaking, and their hard exterior helps in keeping your belongings safe and undamaged.

They are however less flexible and there are a limited amount of luggage that you can carry in them. You might also need to buy extra equipment to modify and install these bags according to your motorcycle, but they offer a lot of room for customization.

So if you are someone who loves to travel along difficult and hard terrains then you should definitely opt for this kind of saddlebag. They would serve perfectly for your trips to the mountains or places where the weather can be unpredictable. We would also suggest opting for this kind of a saddlebag if you’re carrying valuables with you.

Soft Saddlebags

As the name suggest these saddlebags have a much softer exterior and that is the key reason of why they are so flexible. You can stuff and fit quite a lot of luggage in these bags as these bags are also quite spacious. It’s true that these might not be as water resistant as their opponent’s that have a hard shell around them but these can serve your purpose just fine if you line them with a waterproof cloth or spray.

Also since these bags can be easily detached and attached on your motorcycle they are perfect for a weekend away to a fancy hotel where you can carry your luggage with you inside wherever you are staying and then carry your luggage out, over the motorcycle and back to your destination.

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