All You Need To Know About Jeep Transfer Cases


A transfer case is quoted as the systematic procedure of shifting a car’s power to its rear axles, as a majority of the vehicles possess power and efficiency in the front wheel. Here, the transfer case drives into shifting the power balance of a vehicle employing drive shafts. This method comprises an additional lower range gear for off-road utilizations and synchronizes the difference between the front and rear axles’ rotation. The jeep transfer case is a similar mechanism used for a jeep’s power transaction.

Working on the Jeep Transfer Case

During the jeep transfer case, the vehicle’s engine transmits the power and channels it to the transfer case. This power is then directed to the output shaft with set gears or chains to deliver the torque to the front and the rear driveshafts to the axles. Mainly chains are favored for this power transmission, being lighter and easier to handle than the gears. On the other hand, the gear serves as a robust and reliable component with a touch of efficiency to handle greater torque.

Types of Jeep Transfer Cases

There are three significant categories of jeep transfer cases. The Jeep Wranglers possess a variety of 4 x 4 systems of transfer case. In today’s time, there are tons of automatic as well as old-school manual 4×4 systems. The Rubicon Jeep Wrangler can be equipped with the most efficient and robust power transmission cases. Here are a few of the transfer case mechanism available –

Rock-Trac Part-Time 4WD System – The most potent and efficient Jeep Wrangler model, Rubicon possesses the Rock-Trac Part-Time 4WD System with an efficient blend of an NV241 off-road transfer case. This system is highly equipped with a heavy-duty transfer case, offering high torque efficiency at a slower speed. The system comes with a perfect blend of 84:1 crawl ratio and 4:1 low gear ratio to present a reliable rock-crawling pace to drive out all obstacles.

Command-Trac Part-Time 4WD System – This system comes with an NV241 Transfer case with the additional benefits of a shift-on-fly mechanism, highlighting the shifting abilities of the transfer case from 2WD to 4WD. Its low gear range ratio of 2.7:1 supplies it with the maximum torque to efficiently climb up rocking areas. These configurations make this system ideal for both Sahara and Sport Wrangler models, mainly used for off-roading situations.

Selec -Trac Full-Time 4WD System – The Selec-Trac 4WD System has been upgraded with a pinch of perfection and technology to design it efficiently for the fourth-generation Jeep Wranglers. It offers a lower range of 2.7:1, which presents the same efficiency and ratio as the Command-Trac Part-Time 4WD System. The only point of contrast is the selec-trac system presents a two-speed full-time active 4WD mechanism that allows operation in 4H Auto. This permits the vehicle to automatically engage and disengage, relying on the driving conditions.


The customers get a wide range of transfer cases in the modern market. Therefore, it’s necessary to get hands-on the perfect transfer case that enhances one’s Jeep to improve the power transmission facilities.

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