Bolt B-Nano is an electric city car from a Usain Bolt-backed firm

Bolt B-Nano is an electric city car from a Usain Bolt-backed firm

Usain Bolt’s company (called Bolt Mobility) just revealed an all-electric two-seater called the Bolt B-Nano. Obviously, Bolt is no engineer, but he does know a few things about speed from his sprinting days. This little EV isn’t about straight line speed, though. Instead, Bolt (name of Usain Bolt’s company) says it’s meant to be used for short trips in urban areas as part of ride-sharing fleets. The company is specifically targeting folks who need to drive between 2-15 miles to get somewhere — they didn’t reveal the B-Nano’s official range on a full charge, though.

That ultimate range may not matter either, because the B-Nano is designed to have easily swappable battery packs. Once you run out of range with the first, it should be easy to just plop in a new fully-charged pack and run with it. Bolt hasn’t provided specs for acceleration or top speed, but we don’t expect anything fast for city duty. One may assume a car using Usain Bolt’s name would prioritize speed over everything else, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. What this vehicle reminds us of most is the little Renault Twizy. It features a similar shape and fulfills this super niche purpose.

The black and yellow color scheme seems like a no-brainer. We’ll be interested to hear if Tata has any issues with Bolt using the name “Nano” for its little car. As for where these little city runabouts will be deployed, Bolt hasn’t said yet. The company’s shared electric scooters are expanding into Paris, which would also make sense as a starting point for the cars. Orders are reportedly open now for the B-Nano. A $999 deposit is being asked to reserve one, along with a $9,999 final price.


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