Exotic Car Rental: Advantages and Disadvantages


You’ve always wanted to own a Ferrari. What about a BMW or a Ferrari? Exotic car rentals make it easier than ever to drive a luxurious car.

As with any rental car, you should consider the pros and cons before driving. You can cruise around the city in comfort. You’ll also have to pay a higher rental fee. Car Rental Express has outlined some of the main advantages and disadvantages for exotic car rentals.

The Advantages

Exotic cars are some of the most beautiful machines in the world. Luxury cars are equipped with the best accessories and are expertly designed. It’s a privilege reserved for the wealthy and famous. Exotic car rental companies allow anyone with a valid driving license and insurance to reserve a luxury vehicle. The following are some of the reasons why exotic car rentals can be a good option:

  • They’re exclusive. The majority of people will never drive a Lamborghini, or even see one. Renting one will allow you to be part of this exclusive group of drivers for a relatively low cost.
  • It’s not as expensive as you might think. Renting a car worth more than $200k is not outrageous. The average cost of a high-end automobile is around $1000, although the prices vary from company to company. If you choose a mid-range vehicle like a Ford Mustang or Mercedes-Benz, the price is much more affordable.
  • They are kept in perfect condition. Exotic cars attract a new type of customer. Celebrities, diplomats, and musicians who travel expect their cars to be in top condition. Exotic car rental agencies dedicate extra time to cleaning and detailing these vehicles.
  • They include training. Driving an exotic car is not easy. Most exotic car rentals will give you a crash course in handling your exotic rental car to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. You will be able to better control the vehicle.
  • You’ll enjoy driving them. It’s a great experience to drive an exotic car. You’ll often get envious glances from other drivers or passersby, which is enough to justify the extra cost.

The Disadvantages

There are some downsides to renting exotic vehicles. Here are some of the most significant disadvantages.

  • Additional insurance costs. Rental companies require you to purchase additional insurance over and above your own vehicle coverage due to the high cost of these vehicles. They may refuse your rental if you don’t purchase enough coverage or don’t buy it.
  • Sometimes, a crash course won’t suffice. Consider a cheaper ride if you feel uncomfortable driving your exotic rental car during the test drive. A wrong driving style in a vehicle you’re unfamiliar with could lead to an accident that could cost you thousands of dollars in damage. Don’t drive an exotic car if you’re not able to handle the pressure.
  • They cost more. The rental costs are still higher, even though the cost of the service may be lower. If you are looking for a family rental that is affordable, this extra cost may be worth it for a special event.

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