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Ferrari supercar hybrid prototype chased down by fan

Ferrari supercar hybrid prototype chased down by fan

As discovered by Ferrari Chat and reported by Motor1, an Instagram user by the name Lambolife (@9000lambo) and a friend were out cruising in Europe when they ran across what looks like a Ferrari prototype, possibly a hybrid based on the F8 Tributo. The pair got the car on video as they were chasing it down the road and into a parking lot where the prototype driver tried to hide. Besides being amusing to watch the test driver trying desperately to keep the fans from seeing the car, we actually get a good glimpse at the vehicle.

Looking closely, the size and shape is very similar to the F8 Tributo, which is the latest evolution of the 488 GTB, and the 458 GTB before that. The shape of the rear spoiler and the edge of the front nose are particularly similar to the F8. But there are a couple differences, starting with the exhaust. On the regular car, the pipes are mounted low and set far apart. On this prototype, the pipes come out much higher up, and they’re very close together. On top of that, you can just make out the triangular electrocution hazard sticker on one side of the car. This suggests it’s a hybrid.

A hybrid Ferrari similar to the F8 makes sense with other news we’ve heard recently. The company has confirmed it’s working on hybrid drivetrains. Past reports say that one of them is a V6 hybrid with as much as 728 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque, and the other is a V8 hybrid with unknown performance, but most certainly greater than the V6. The first of the engines will be released in May, and since Ferrari’s CEO said it will exceed the 812 Superfast, which makes 789 horsepower, that first engine will probably be the V8.

This could be a prototype of Ferrari’s soon-to-be-released V8 hybrid. It’s also possible that this is simply a powertrain test mule, or a prototype for the V6 model coming later. At least we’re half way through May, so we should have the answers to our questions very soon.


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