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Here’s BMW’s take on city scooters

Here's BMW's take on city scooters

City scooters are an increasingly topical solution of getting around in urban areas, and BMW, already familiar with making bicycles, is getting into the scooter business. There’s no sharing involved, as these are offered for private customers to be bought outright.

There are three kinds of scooters on offer: first, the E-Scooter, which has a 7.5 mile range and which can reach a top speed of 12 miles per hour. The folding scooter weighs less than 20 lbs, and the lithium ion battery reaches full charge in two hours. There are brakes for both wheels, as well as lights front and rear – fittingly for a BMW, no indicators are involved.

The City Scooter is even more environmentally friendly than the E-Scooter, as it’s propelled only by the rider’s kicking action. No electric motors, no charging, no fuss, just you and your BMW-badged folding scooter. And for the kids, there’s an adjustable Kids Scooter that suits offspring as young as three years old. The Kids Scooter comes in two color schemes, either in black and orange or white and red.

And what about BMW’s approach to ubiquitous shared scooters strewn around the cityscape? Simple: Since these are not shared but bought, and considerably expensive, one would not even dream of leaving the BMW of scooters lying around. In Europe, the E-Scooter is priced at 799 euros, which is a touch under $900, and even the motorless City Scooter costs around $225. The Kids Scooter is a comparable steal at just $135. The scooters will be available from selected BMW dealers, and the E-Scooter will reach showrooms in September.


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