KENT CamEye: A Gift of Security to Your Family


We love our families and there is nothing in the world that can stop us from providing security for them. Kids and teenagers are to stages that needs most of our attention during their growing age. However, during their growing process we cannot always be around them to know what they are doing. The mountain of worries starts to pile up as they start growing. The increasing crime rate is one and the foremost reason that you want to be extra vigilant.

Extremely horrifying cases are reported through newspapers, news channels and social media that are adequate to panic anyone. As a parent of 16 year old boy, I often see my boy day dreaming or chatting on phone. I understand it is the age where your emotions take a toll over real world but this behaviour make me scare and tears me apart. Why? If this is the behavior when I’m around imagine when I’m not there with him and he is completely away from home.  Boys generally don’t listen to parents and want to drive alone. But to add an extra layer of security, I don’t let him travel alone. He goes to places but in a chauffeur-driven car.  But there are times he tends to act smart and pays the driver off to drive the car himself which eventually I get to know as the drivers tells me almost all the time. But, I cannot tell him so I was desperately looking for a solution.

My uncertainties came to halt when I saw this Shahrukh Khan ad about Car security device KENT CamEye on TV and I searched it online. It is a first-of-its-kind vehicle security system that helps me monitor the whereabouts of my son through my smartphone. The device has live streaming feature that lets me ensure my son’s safety. I can even track the real-time GPS location of the car and playback the route the chauffeur took to drop my son to his college, friend’s place, even pubs or guitar class. KENT CamEye is a plug and play device and has an easy installation device that is designed and engineered in India.

Some of the features that attracted me the most were:

  1. Dual Cameras: This device had dual cameras that help me in recording and watching live as to what is happening inside and outside the car
  2. GPS Tracking: This device has a GPS technology so whenever my son is out of the house with the car I can see where exactly he is with real-time locations
  3. 2-Way calling: This feature helps me when my son ignores my call and I simply call the device via the app and irrespective of his will and wish he has to talk to me as the device automatically connects the call without the hassle of answering.
  1. AI Alerts: It even has AI smart alerts that alerts me whenever my son breaches any of the following
  • Over-Speeding
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Engine Idling
  • Noise Level
  • AC On
  • Place of Interest
  • Unknown Driver Detection

KENT CamEye is truly a Blessing

Now my driver as well as my son knows that we are constantly watching and tracking them and they cannot fool us anymore. KENT CamEye has put an end to all my concerns and uncertainties.

A person can find almost all the solution for the safety of their loved ones and vehicle, all at a price of Rs.17, 999 with 3 months free subscription. You can get a free demo of our product by sharing your contact details at or call us at 9582612345.

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