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Nissan’s ProPILOT allows for hands-off driving in Japan

Nissan's ProPILOT allows for hands-off driving in Japan

Nissan is introducing some new, advanced driver assist systems for the Japanese market Skyline sedan this fall. Similarly to Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot, the updated ProPILOT system now combines navigation and automatic lane-changing. In addition, hands-off driving is enabled when certain guidelines are met and the driver is paying attention to the road ahead. Earlier ProPILOT iterations have required the driver to keep a hand on the wheel at all times.

This advanced cruise control/lane keeping assist now allows hands-off driving in a single highway lane, while constantly monitoring the driver’s attentiveness, as the system will need the driver to take over in a sudden situation. With a pre-defined route activated on the navigation system and relying on a suite of cameras and radars, the ProPILOT equipped Skyline is able to change lanes and choose the correct ramp; at the highway exit ramp, the system prompts the driver to take full control of the car, both with audio and visual cues.

The driver authorizes the suggested moves by placing their hands on the steering wheel and pressing a switch, and in the event of a lane change to overtake a slower-moving vehicle, by using the turn signal. Nissan calls the hands-off driving capabilities a “world first”, but like Engadget points out, the Cadillac SuperCruise also allows driving hands-off in a single lane, as long as a lane change isn’t needed. The hands-off mode will not be available in two-way traffic, tunnels, toll areas or “winding roads”, according to Nissan.

The “navigated highway driving” assist will be made available on the Skyline series in the fall of 2019; presumably, this means the premium sedan line and excludes the GT-R. No corresponding U.S. market Infiniti availability has yet been announced.


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