Outfitting Your Ute


If you’ve just purchased a ute, you’re probably ready to hit the road and head out for the Australian Outback. Before you pack up the ute and get ready to ride, consider outfitting some parts first to be sure you’re getting the most out of your vehicle.

Will you be using it for work purposes? Are you going to be doing off-roading? Knowing what you will use your ute for can go a long way when planning how to best maximize its potential.

Ute Tray

One great addition to your ute is investing in a ute tray. These trays provide extra space for supplies, whether those are work or camping supplies. Many ute trays will allow for more accessories such as a toolkit, a ladder, or drawers. Alloy ute trays provide a practical and safe space for you to store away your property without worrying about damage or theft.


Bullbars go by a variety of names, depending on where you live. In Australia, they’re known sometimes as “(kanga)roo bars.” In Canada, it’s a “moose bumper,” and in the United States, it’s called a “cattle pusher.” They all share one thing in common—an animal. These sturdy metal casings are attached to the front of your car and help protect the front of your car from collisions—such as animals. If you’re planning on cruising around the outback, then animals can be a risk. They can move quickly onto a road with no warning and cause irreparable damage for all parties involved. A bullbar helps to dramatically reduce this damage.

Canopy Covers

One addition that is not necessary, but is very useful, is a canopy. These can be easily fitted to your ute and not only help with storage, but also protection from rain, wind, or any other type of weather. They help keep your belongings safe from elements or other people. If you’re an avid camper, a canopy can help create a dry camping space for you with minimal effort involved.

Additional Accessories

Many extras can be added to your ute to help boost protection and productivity. Depending on your work or lifestyle, you can also add:

  • LED lights
  • Light Bars
  • Bolt kits
  • Recovery kits
  • Spotlights
  • Fog lights

While there are plenty of additions, just a few simple changes can create a whole different ute that is uniquely yours.

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