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Poor Maintenance of the Car-related Chassis that Cause the Car Run Unsmoothly


When the car has become unstable at high speeds, and there have been no such obvious symptoms before. This is definitely a problem. In addition to the related chassis failure, it may be caused by the five “aging” or poor maintenance of the chassis. The “aging” here refers not only to the aging and wear in the general sense, but also to the long-time use and a lack of maintenance.

  1. Worn tires

A tire also plays an important role in the stability of the car at high speeds, such as the tire size. Generally, the wider the tire, the better the stability of the car will be at high speed. The wide tire can really reduce the possibility of unstability of the car. This is all due to the grip performance of the tire, the stronger the grip performance, the more stable the driving. However, if the tire is seriously worn, the grip performance will decrease.

Generally, there are wear limit marks in the groove of the tire. When the tire wears to the warning sign, it needs to be replaced, otherwise it will affect the stability of the car at high speed.

When the tires are used for a long time, some of the counterweight lead blocks are missing, or result in deformation due to external impact (mainly rim deformation or tire tread deformation bulging), which will cause the tire’s imbalance. Tire imbalance is the premise to improve the stability of the car. Regardless of what cause imbalance, it must be paid enough attention, because the wheel balance is the basic condition for the car to run stably.

  1. Lower arm rubber bushing aging

If the car is running at high-speed and the problem is still not effectively solved even after the four-wheel positionin, and the factors such as the deformation of the chassis components, the gap between the ball heads, the failure of the steering machine, etc. can be ruled out, it is necessary to see if these rubber bushings are aging. Like the two front shock absorbers, the chassis will become very loose without regular repalcement. Moreover, the most influential is the lower arm rubber bushing. If it is aging, the road noise will be obviously introduced into the car, and the chassis will be loose, which will affect the driving stability and even affect the direction of the car stability at high speed.

The rubber bushing aging will be obvious when passing over the pits. In addition to more bumps and abnormal noises, the car handling will also be worse. When the pits are over, the chassis is loose.For the aging of the rubber parts of the chassis, rugular replcament is necessary. The key is that all the chassis rubber parts needed to be replaced after a certain period of time. So high-quality rubber bushings are important. For example, AA-TOP rubber bushings is not bad because the natural rubber is from Thailand & Malaysia, with 60% rubber and 60-70 degree Shore Hardness. Rubber density is more enhanced with the world’s most advanced injection technology, while improving the quality of the product and controlling the effective cost ,to create value for our customers. The muffler rubber is made of high quality natural rubber to reduce noise effectively

  1. A lack of four-wheel positioning for a long time

Regular front wheel positioning is still very necessary, because the front of the car is not right, it will affect the stability of the car’s straight travel, causing the car to float when driving at high speed, it is not difficult to understand.

The four-wheel positioning test is based on the four-wheel parameters of the vehicle and is adjusted to ensure good driving performance and reliability. The installation between the steering wheel, the steering knuckle and the front axle of the car has a certain relative position. This installation with a certain relative position is called steering wheel positioning. The front wheel positioning includes the main pin backward tilt angle, the kingpin tilt angle, the front wheel camber angle and the front wheel toe. This is for the two steering front wheels. For the two rear wheels, there is also a relative position to be installed. Rear wheel positioning includes wheel camber angle and front wheel toe. In this way, the front wheel positioning and the rear wheel positioning are collectively referred to four wheel positioning.

  1. Fourth, the ball cage dust jacket aging oil spill

When the cage boot is damaged, the grease inside will be dried when the car is running. At this time, the cage will have dry friction, although it will not affect the driving. The ringing will gradually increase, and it will become more and more powerful, and there may be problems like jitter.

Because the cage boot is a rubber piece that is easy to age, it needs to be replaced after aging. If the cage is severely worn due to the broken grease being dried, it will not be worth the loss.

Above are the reasons that may cause unsmooth driving.

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