Should you buy snatch straps or kinetic ropes?


Tow straps are the most commonly available choice for towing a vehicle that got stuck. However, kinetic ropes are gaining popularity. Let us compare the two and figure out which is better and why.

But first, let us understand the towing process and the use of straps in it. 

Principle behind towing 

Towing is the process of moving a vehicle that gets stuck in mud or sand. It works on the principle of momentum. 

When force is applied in the right amount, the stuck vehicle can come out of the obstruction. All you have to do is tie a rope between the stuck vehicle and the pulling vehicle. 

Then, slowly move the pulling vehicle at about 5 miles per hour. Due to the momentum of the process, the towed vehicle will move. The only drawback of this method is that you will need a pulling vehicle. Similarly, the stuck vehicle should be able to move forward and backwards. 

Difference between the ropes 

Kinetic ropes are the new entrants in the field. Their additional ability is to stretch up to 30% of their length. This helps reduce shock load on both vehicles. Thus, you will be able to recover the stuck vehicle with much less impact.  

The tow strap or snatch strap is made of nylon. It has nylon webbing instead of braiding. However, the snatch straps have low durability compared to the kinetic ropes. 

Here’s a short glimpse:

  • Two straps are prone to wear and tear more than Kinetic ropes.
  • Two straps can’t stretch like Kinetic ropes.

Please, make sure that you do not use a worn-out tow strap as it can cause damage to both vehicles while towing.

Why are Kinetic ropes clear winners?

kinetic ropes are more sturdy and durable. The double nylon braiding adds more strength to the material. It will make the rope resistant to abrasion. Similarly, spliced eyes at the end of the ropes also increase their strength. In the case of snatch straps, the eyes at the rope ends are stitched. It is a potential failure point in the snatch strap. 

Concluding thoughts:

When you compare the price of the products, snatch straps are much cheaper. But, kinetic ropes are more long-lasting. 

Although they are new, they have improved capabilities when compared to a snatch strap. So, if you are an adventure lover who often gets their wheels stuck into tricky terrains, kinetic ropes are the ones for you.

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