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This 1995 Toyota Supra Makes 1,800 HP, Runs a 7-Second Quarter Mile

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“I want you to go back out on the track, and hit the pace car.” That scene from Days of Thunder ran through Geovannie Castillo’s mind when driving coach and crew chief Jay Meagher from Real Street Performance told him to pedal his 1995 Toyota Supra drag car right after the hit at zMAX Dragway in North Carolina. It saved the run and put Castillo in second place in Modified Power Adder on HOT ROD Drag Week. That was on race day three after hundreds of miles of driving on foggy mountain roads.

This article originally appeared on Hot Rod Network for HOT ROD Drag Week 2018, Powered by Dodge and Presented by Gear Vendors Overdrive. 

Why is this epic? The Supra makes 1,800 hp and runs very low-7s at 200 mph using the stock 2JZ block and head, and takes only a tire change and some rain proofing to run on the street. The secret to the power is excellent prep and an 88mm Precision turbo pushing about 60 pounds of boost at the engine. The setup is controlled by a Motec system and has 12, 225 lb/hr injectors spraying ethanol. The trans is a TH400 mounted by a mid-plate to the 6.0 chassis and uses a Pro Torque converter.

The car is what you would call a steel VIN car, meaning it has a steel roof and quarters and some kind of VIN plate and registration. If you look closely, you will notice that the doors are carbon fiber, cleverly hidden with a wrap, and the hatch is made from polycarbonate. The car weighs just over 3,000 pounds on the starting line. Does it have a 6.99 in it? Maybe.


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