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Tips on basic helmet care


As we all know, using helmets have been made compulsory in many countries. And the number of people showing interest in wearing helmets is also increasing to a greater extent as they want to protect their head from unexpected accidents. The people who are using helmet must remember that maintenance of these helmets is also important. Using helmet properly is not just about storing them in the right place. But there are several other factors concerned with their maintenance. The users who are not aware of proper helmet maintenance can make use of the following discussion to gather some of the effective helmet care tips.

Visor – keep it clean

Visor is one of the most important parts of a helmet and this greatly determines the comfort of drivers to a greater extent. Hence it is more important to keep it clean and scratch free. Only if the visor is maintained properly one can get better visibility while driving. Since visor is a glass type material, it is highly important to use soft and smooth cloth for its cleaning. At any extent, brushes or other hard objects should not be used for cleaning visor as this may cause scratches over visor.


As the next thing, the straps are to be concentrated. Straps tend to provide better grip in wearing the helmet. While considering the branded helmets like AGV Helmets, straps are made with outstanding quality that they will last for lifetime. But in some cases, because of improper usage or because of other reasons, the straps may get damaged to a greater extent. In such case, the straps can be replaced. In order to ensure longevity of the straps, users can clean them properly and periodically. But at any extent, one should never wear the helmet with damaged straps as this is highly dangerous than they sound to be.

Keep it clean

Many people will replace the helmet more often as they will be interested in using the helmet that provides a polished look. But it is to be noted that instead of replacing it with newer ones they can keep the outer surface of the helmet clean. They can use a mild baby shampoo and a soft cloth for cleaning the outer part of their helmet. After cleaning they must also make sure to dry the helmet properly before using it.


The users must remember that storing the helmet properly is also concerned with the maintenance of their helmet. Hence they must store their helmet in the right way. Basically the inner part of the helmet should get dried out while they are stored. Hence they are to be placed in such a way. In order to prevent odor because of the moisture lock in the inner part, the users can use silicone gel packs while storing the helmet.

Apart from these, the users must read the user manual carefully for maintaining their helmet at its best. This is because the manufacturers will provide the best guidelines over the usage of the helmet. By reading the user manual, the users can come to know about these factors in detail.

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