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Watch Ken Block’s tracked side-by-side at a ski resort

Watch Ken Block's tracked side-by-side at a ski resort

Winter is pretty much over for much of the country, but Ken Block managed to get a little more snow hooning in before things get too warm. He took his Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS Turbo side-by-side out to a ski resort to have some fun. And to make the Can-Am extra awesome, it features snowmobile-style tracks on all four corners.

The end results are pretty much as bonkers as you would expect. Block sends the side-by-side ripping up and down halfpipes, getting it as loose as the tracks will let him, and taking it over some impressive jumps. We’ve started the video where most of the driving action starts (11:42), so kick back and enjoy a little more snow fun.

And if you want to know more about Block’s excursion, just rewind the video. Most of the video is spent talking with the folks who run the ski resort and a lot of prep work with a snow boarder to figure out the best places to drive. It’s a nice bit of behind-the-scenes content for those really interested in how these projects come together.


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