Pitfalls to watch out for when conducting auto estimates


The concept of auto repair estimates is known in many different ways, and all terms ranging from damage estimate, auto estimate to damage report allude the same thing and can be used interchangeably. Vastly, albeit erroneously, many perceive auto estimates to be a mere sheet of plain paper, upon which the aggregate amount of money to be expended on repair alone are itemized. But that it is not the case, however close they may be with perception.

The auto estimate represents a lot more than that, as it is a document that validates a business contract and a fiscal consensus reached between two parties.

The situation here is largely comparable with one in real estate, where the owner of the property and the buyer are mandated to reach an agreement on price, and place their signatures on a contract paper, to place a stamp on said agreement. In the same vein, for Auto estimates, the customer, subsequent to coming to agree on certain terms with the repair shop, is expected to place their signature on paper as well, to seal the contract, and give the green light to the auto repair shop owners to commence whatever repairs they have got to do on the car.

As the name implies, the total amount shown in this agreement is merely an estimated figure; more often than not, this is misconstrued, and the estimator is expected to go the extra mile to reveal in details what it entails to the customer. There is no, none at all, certitude as it pertains to the actual amount that is ought to be on the final invoice; this is explained by the fact that the prices of parts may be altered in the course of repair, hidden damage could be detected at some points, and these unfortunate eventualities are not limited to the ones listed here, as the price on the final invoice could be impacted by similar changes, in several other elements. Without wasting any more time, there are certain pitfalls that plague the existence of auto estimates in shop management software systems, and they will be discussed in this article:

Lack of certification/qualification in mechanics

A large chunk of breakdown in proceedings of auto estimates, usually stem from mechanics with no true, authorized certifications, they also place a dent in the reputation of the company as well. Any recruitment process of a mechanic should be preceded by background investigations to make sure the certifications presented are recognized by law.

No clear communication with the customer

It is no new phenomenon and nothing out of the ordinary to witness network systems disrupted by breakdown in communications.This extends into auto estimates as poor connection between the repair shop and customer is bound to create blunders and cause problems for the auto shop.

Misdiagnosing a vehicle’s problem

A customer, in taking their cars to a mechanic’s auto shop, places a lot of faith in the technician to help resolve the problems they have encountered with their cars. However, if in the course of diagnosis, a mechanic happens to make an error, the customer doesn’t get what they want, neither do they themselves, defeating the whole purpose of an auto estimate.

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