10 Motorcycle Packing Tips to Help You Save Space


During the pandemic, the best way of traveling is through a motorcycle, because you can travel alone or with one more person and since you’ll be riding through the open space you don’t have to worry about closed spaces. You can also easily avoid traffic and congested areas. However, riding on motorcycles does come with its share of difficulties; nothing that you can’t overcome with planning and with being organized.

Traveling to places with a motorcycle first and foremost calls for being safe by using proper motorcycle safety apparel and gear and also packing lightly and wisely. If you’re an adventurous traveler planning your next big adventure then we suggest continuing reading this article till the end because we are going to guide you on how you can travel without having to worry about what items you should carry and most importantly how you should be carrying them.

As a motorcycle rider the things you worry about are:


you will worry about the convenience of traveling to other places and how you can make your trip as convenient and comfortable as possible.


 you will not only worry about your safety but also the safety of your luggage.

Luggage Space

Unfortunately, you can’t carry all your belongings like you would if you were traveling on a bigger or more spacious vehicle so you need to pack as carefully and wisely as you possibly can.

Here are some of the tricks you can learn that will ensure that you travel as conveniently, safely, and well equipped as possible:

Determine the Length of your Trip

When deciding how much luggage you need to carry, one of the most important things that you need to consider is the length of your trip. Are you going for a short trip or a long trip? If your trip is just for a night or a couple of nights then it might not be too hectic to pack for such a trip. However, if your trip is going to be longer than a week or it requires you to travel and spend a maximum of your time on the road then there are many factors you need to keep in mind to pack efficiently.

What is the weather of your destination going to be like?

The weather of your destination is again a major determinant of how and what you should pack. If your destination is a place that will experience a lot of rainfall or snowfall then you need to pack accordingly. For example, your saddlebag should ideally be waterproof and have a hard exterior.

Your priority will also be to pack items like umbrellas, raincoats, and rain boots. For these reasons make sure you know what kind of weather you will be experiencing.

What will the route be like?

The route of your trip will also influence the way that you pack your items. If you are going to be traveling on rough terrain then you need to be carrying tools and items that will ensure that you have the proper safety tools required in case of an emergency or an accident.

What necessary tools do you need to carry?

There are some tools that you should always be carrying with you such as a Swiss knife; a mini tool kit like that could help you get sorted out for smaller emergencies and accidents. However, now that you know the weather of your destination and the kind of route you will be traveling on then you might need extra mechanical tools for example it would be wise to carry mechanical tools like screwdrivers, extra chains, master links, tire levers, and maybe even deflated tires.

Pack Efficiently

To pack efficiently one trick that you can adopt is to try and fit your smaller items into your bigger items. For example pack smaller items like socks and undergarments in your boots, shoes, or spare helmet.

Roll your clothes

Another packing hack is to roll fold your clothes rather than folding them the regular way. This will help you save a lot of space and help you pack more items than you thought you could.

Pack Smartly

This entails that you pack according to your needs; the things or items you think you will need the most or will need at prior levels then always pack them above the other items that you might need later in your trip or stay.

This way you won’t have to sift or dig into your luggage every time you need something immediately.

Invest in Hard and Soft Saddlebags

Soft and hard saddlebags both serve different purposes and can help you carry different kinds of items. If you install your saddlebags wisely then you can pack both kinds on your motorcycle. The hard saddlebag can carry things of value as they can be locked and things you want to protect from rain or harsh weather such as your electronics.

The soft saddlebag can carry all your clothes and other garments as it can be easily installed on and off your motorcycle and you can carry your soft saddlebag in or out of your resting areas easily.

Don’t forget spare items

Spare items such as extra helmets, deflated rubber tires, extra chains, and maybe even a few clothing items such as socks can almost be necessary for long trips.

Carry necessary items.

Considering the entire list above, don’t forget that carrying extra luggage can weigh you down and maybe even break your motorcycle or make it inefficient to drive safely, hence always pack light and carry the most essential things.


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